This was the first time we have used the Ruamahunga River for a competition so no one was sure how it would go.

The river was in great condition being clear and reasonably low, first session showed it was going to be with a good comp with Paul Dewar getting 15 fish for the 3 hours and Tony Houpt not far behind with 13.  Strato Cotsilinis was the next best with 8.

The second session was a bit tougher with the weather packing up a little with a breeze and light drizzle making it hard to see into the water. Paul Dewar won on fish points from Tony both catching 7 fish.
At the end of the first day Paul D lead with 2 points from Tony with 4 and Paul Baker with 7.

The Sunday dawned bright and clear with a light downstream breeze, the fishing was a little tougher after the beats being fished twice already, Paul Dewar managed to get 8 fish to win the session from Tony with 6 and Graham Evens with 5. 

Paul Dewar was the overall winner with 3 wins for 3 points from Tony second with 6 point and Graham with 12

It was great that everyone caught fish and no blanks for the entire comp, there were some good fish with browns and rainbows up to 56cm being caught. Thanks to Paul Baker and his team for organising this event


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