SFFNZ - AGM Minutes - 28 October 2006


President Ms Jill Mandeno, Treasurer & Secretary Mr Strato Cotsilinis, Competition Co-ordinator Mr Dave Pirrit, Mr Ian Gibbs, Sponsorship Co-ordinator and some 30 ordinary members


Apologies were received from Peter Scott, Steve Brown, Paul Dewar and Margaret Williams

Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were read by the President and they were accepted by the meeting with the following amendments:
The minutes did not mention the appointment of Mr Steve Brown as Asst Manager to the Events Co-ordinator or that there were approximately 40 ordinary members present in addition to the Board members mentioned. 

President's Report

The President reported NZ had taken part on the 2nd Mundial of Fishing (the World Fishing Games by another name!).
The Championship in Portugal was recognised as the least satisfactory championship we had ever held in terms of both organisation and fishing. The President noted that she had given an undertaking to the FIPS-Mouche Board that the 2008 World Championship would learn lessons from Portugal with respect to both fishing venues and timing of transport and meals. Notwithstanding the lack of fish, John Bell distinguished himself by coming 15th in the world and will therefore be part of the NZ team in 2008.
The Commonwealth Championship which followed was still somewhat disorganised with regard to the transport between river venues but was most enjoyable. Both venues fished very well and there were few anglers who did not catch fish.
The President also noted she will go to Finland during next year’s world championship and make a presentation to the participants on the 2008 championships. 
The next CIPS congress will be in Prague in May 2007.
The next Oceania Championships will be held in Tasmania in February and we expect a team from the USA (replacing Japan who are unable to attend due to internal politics).
The main efforts in the coming year will be directed towards organising a really successful championship in NZ. 

Treasurers Report

The Treasurer presented the accounts for the year ending 31 March, 2006:
The accounts showed a surplus for the year of $1748.06.
The Society currently has funds of a little over $20,000 in general funds including $3,251.80 in funds to purchase safety equipment.
Proposed Mr Pirrit seconded Mr Graham Evans:
“That the accounts for 2006 be accepted as tabled.”
Passed unanimously.

Matters Arising

There ensued a discussion of subscriptions. Mr Cotsilinis reported that the last raise in 2005 was the first for 15 years and that he did not see any need for any further.

Board Vacancies

There being no vacancies, this item was passed over

World Championships, 2008

The President reported that planning for this event was well underway and urged all members to consider what they would be willing to do to ensure this event was a success and showed NZ in very good light as a place to visit for fly fishing. The date is now confirmed with FIPS Mouche for the last week in March 2008 with a Commonwealth Championship following in Hawkes Bay in the first week in April.
The Committee to organise the World Champs is as follows:
International Organiser: Ms Jill Mandeno
Sponsorship Manager: Mr Ian Gibbs
Venue Co-ordinators: Mr Peter Scott, Mr Steve Brown and Mr Yoshi Nakagawa
Controllers: Mr Dave Pirrit
Boats: Mr John Murphy
Any member who can assist in any of these functions is invited to contact the appropriate member of the committee and is asked to copy the International Organiser on their communication.
Mr ? from the Auckland Fishing Club asked that a letter be circulated to all clubs asking for specific help with controllers etc. This was noted and will be addressed about 1 year out from the date of the competition.
Note that the committee to organise the Commonwealth Champs is headed by Lloyd Struthers and Patrick Hegarty. Please contact them for details.  

NZ National Championships

The 2007 National Champs will be held either the 23/25 March or 30 March 1st April, 2007. This will choose the team for 2008. The venues to be used will be announced in mid-January and the rivers will be closed on 1 February, and the lakes on 1 March.
Competitors who are also guides will be deemed to be fishing and disqualified if found on these venues with rods in hand i.e. if Fish & Game would deem them to be in need of a licence. They may guide as long as all fishing or use of rods is only by the client.

Oceania Championships

Mr Cotsilinis reported that preparations are well in hand for two teams to particpate in next year’s Oceania in Tasmania. The NZ teams will leave on Feb 11 and will stay at the same lodge as being used in competition.
Ms Mandeno reported that Japan will not attend this year but the USA is expected to send a team.


All members were reminded that all proposals for sponsorship should be channelled through Mr Gibbs and Ms Mandeno. No-one else is authorised to negotiate and sign sponsorship agreements on behalf of the society.
During subsequent discussions Ms Mandeno clarified the situation naming rights for 2008. These are the property of FIPS Mouche who would want a substantial cash sum, only part of which would accrue to the competition organisers (the rest being for the use of FIPS in running the organisation). However minor naming right such as to venues, on boats, etc. will be available and any member with knowledge of a potential sponsor should contact Mr Gibbs or Ms Mandeno. 
The meeting closed at 9.30pm and the next one will be held to coincide with the Pairs Championship in 2007.