SFFNZ – AGM MINUTES – 6 November 2010


President Ms Jill Mandeno, Vice President Paul Dewar, board members, Peter Scott and Steve Brown and some 30 other members


Apologies were received from Brendan Lyon, Belinda Thomas, Treasurer & Sectary Mr Strato Cotsilinis for lateness

Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were read by the President and they were accepted by the meeting: Moved Craig Farrer, Seconded Aaron West.

Presidents Report

The President Jill Mandeno presented her report for the year and noted she was standing down as president after 16 years in the role. Paul Dewar expressed a vote of thanks on behalf of all present and past members of SFFNZ for her great contribution to the society.

Treasurers Report

The treasurer’s report was presented by Graham Evens for the accounts for the year ending 31 March, 2010.

The accounts showed a deficit for the year of $5152.29 after allowing for $8400 allocation to international teams.

The Society currently has funds of a little over $1643.57 in general funds excluding $14,094.74 of funds held for the World and Commonwealth teams.

Proposed Mr Graham Evans seconded Jill Mandeno:
“That the accounts for 2010 be accepted as tabled.”

Passed unanimously.

A vote of thanks to Strato for his work as secretary and Graham as auditor was moved by Ken McWilliams and seconded by Dave Alexandra, G Evans was also appointed as auditor for the coming year

Matters Arising

There ensued a discussion of subscriptions. It was note that these had been raised at the last AGM and the new fee of $40 was now payable.


President: Jill Mandeno stood down as president and moved Strato Cotsilinis for the position, seconded by Paul Dewar; no other nominations so passed unanimously.

Vice President: Paul Dewar, moved Jill Mandeno, seconded Strato Cotsilinis; no other nominations so passed unanimously

Secretary: Kyle Melnyk, moved Paul Dewar, seconded by Jill Mandeno; no other nominations so passed unanimously

Treasurer: Brendan Lyons, moved Tony Houpt, seconded by Peter Scott; no other nominations so passed unanimously

Committee Members:

Tony Houpt; moved Paul Dewar, seconded by Peter Chan
Aaron West; moved Jill Mandeno, seconded Garth Plank
John Dibley; moved Tony Houpt, seconded Aaron West

No other nominations so passed unanimously

Patron: Paul Dewar pointed out we had not had a patron for some time and moved that Jill Mandeno be appointed to that position and that she also be appointed as SFFNZ delegate to the FIPS meetings, seconded by Grahame Evens, passed unanimously

Vice President Paul Dewar made a presentation to retiring President Jill Mandeno, who has been SFFNZ president for 16.5 years, on behalf of Strato who was not present and the SFFNZ members.

World Championships, 2010

Team Captain Paul Dewar gave report on the out come of the event and the NZ’s team placing of 8th overall and Des Armstrong as the highest placed NZ angler.

Common Wealth champs, 2010

Team Captain Neil Hirtzel gave report on the outcome of the event and the NZ’s team placing, Neil was commended for getting the Silver Medal.

Oceania Championships

Jill Mandeno reported that preparations underway for the event to be held in Australia in December 2011, more info to follow.

Commonwealth Championships

Jill Mandeno reported that the event is to be held in Australia in February 2012. The event will be based in Launceston Tasmania. She reported that it is planned to hold a fly tying championship at the same time.

NZ National Championships

The 2011 National Champs will be held 1, 2, & 3 April. This will choose the team for 2012. The venues to be used will be announced in due course.

General Business

Tony Houpt asked that all members try to contribute something to the society and not leave all the work to a few members.

Jill Mandeno spoke on a request to have a woman’s fly-fishing team and said it wasn’t the society’s intention to have a woman’s team at national or international level as woman can and do compete at an equal level to the men, but it was probably desirable to have woman’s events at regional/club level to encourage woman into the sport.

Belinda noted that it is quite daunting for woman to front up at an event and compete.

Ken McWilliams asked how we can get the South Island to compete and maybe hold a regional event.
Strato noted that they had in the past and the society had held Nationals there.

Rene Vaz said he had spoken to Canterbury Anglers and they were interested in pursuing it further.

Mark Clasper asked what FIPS is proposing for the change to leader rules, Jill outlined the process to date and her interpretation of these.

The rules are still to be finalized

The meeting closed at 7.45pm and the next one will be held to coincide with the Pairs Championship in 2011.