2022-23 Lake Nationals;  24/25/26 March 2023  Lake Kuratau.

COMPETITION FORMAT: 2 day boat competition comprising of 4 x 3 hour sessions.
LAKE KURATAU CLOSURE: The Lake is CLOSED to all anglers fishing the NZ Lake Nationals, from midnight Sunday 5th of March.

Important times and dates:  
Entries close: 27 Feb 2023; 
Day 1.
    Boats Launched: between  0900-1000
    Competition and Safety Briefing: 1030
    Draw conducted: 1000
    Session 1: 1200-1600

Day 2.
    Boats Launched: between  0700-0730
    Competition and Safety Briefing: 0745
    Draw conducted: 0800
    Session 2: 0900-1200
    Session 3: 1330-1630

 Day 3.
     Boats Launched: between 0730-0800
     Session 4: 0900-1200 

2022-23 River Nationals.

I am sure you will agree that this season has been (insert expletive) write-off. The SFFNZ committee has had to have a hard look at how we determine who gets a place at River Nationals. In the interests of fairness to anglers the following has been decided:
  1. River Nationals will be an open competition - open to all SFFNZ members who have either completed a river competition this year, or who had good intent to compete in one (this means you entered one which wasn't run, or were entered in one that was cancelled). Don't worry, I have all the entry forms for this season, I know who you are.
  2. It will be held on the Whanganui River 15-16 Apr (do I need to say conditions permitting...) and will comprise of two sessions on Saturday, and the same again on Sunday. This will be a controlled comp, and you must provide your own controller.
  3. The cost will be $150.00 per angler.
  4. Volunteers wanted: Peter Scott has graciously offered to run this comp, however due to the sheer size of the field and the number of beats then it would be great to get some volunteers to help him mark the beats and get the river set. It will be a big task.
Additionally, the Oraka comp is still scheduled to run in Apr, with the original field that entered. However, points will obviously not count towards river national qualification. What is on the line is the ability to take the trophy home.
All other river comps either postponed or delayed from this season are now cancelled.
The President's Cup will not be awarded this year, nor will the top woman's and other cups that rely on points earned over the season. The overall National Champion will be awarded - as this is based on performance across the two National Championships.
Here we go. A reminder, you MUST have either competed in a river comp this year, or have entered into one that has not run / been cancelled.
Also remember, this is a CONTROLLED event. It is your responsibility to organise your own controller. If for what ever reason your controller has to leave during the competition, then you will also be withdrawn. Please consider this when selecting a controller. It is 6 hours sitting on a river, and there may be the requirement for them to cross in places. Ensure they are appropriately equipped with safety equipment (the river bed can be incredibly slippery) for wading, wet weather gear, and food and water.
We are pretty confident that we will be able to accommodate all entrants - however - if we need to reduce numbers due to anglers exceeding beats, then the SFFNZ competition committee will do this based on those anglers with the least amount of SFFNZ experience under their belts first.