SFFNZ - AGM Minutes - 27 September 2007


President Ms Jill Mandeno, Treasurer & Secretary Mr Strato Cotsilinis, Mr Dave Pirrit (Events), Mr Ian Gibbs (Sponsorship), Mr Peter Scott (Membership), Mr Steve Brown (Assistant, Events) and some 20 ordinary members. 


Apologies were received from Vice President Paul Dewar, Hugh Hutchinson, Marty Johansson 

Previous Minutes

The previous minutes were read by the President and they were accepted by the meeting without amendment. 

Presidents Report

The President reported that NZ had not participated in the 27th WFFC in Finland as this was the alternate year in which we participated in the Oceania instead. The President reported that she had attended the championships in Finland and had, at the Closing Ceremony, received the traditional scroll which is passed to the next country to host the world champs. The scroll was put on display for the members to read.
The President reported that NZ had attended the Oceania championships in Australia with two teams of Anglers: NZ Silver and Black teams. Australia also had two teams representing Fly Fish Australia. The Oceania championship is fished between Australia and NZ but we have traditionally allowed other Pacific Rim countries to participate.
Japan had been unable to attend this year due to internal politics and had sent their apologies. Canada were present and for the first time the USA had accepted our invitation to attend the Oceania. 
The competition was held in Tasmania with the Anglers all staying at Taralea, a new resort in the highlands developed from one of the old hydro-electric villages. As each team was housed in one or two old houses which had been renovated and painted, we found this a wonderfully fun competition.
The championship was fished on the Rivers Derwent and Tyena and Lakes Bronte, Little Pine and Dee Lagoon. The fishing was quite hard on most sectors with the Dee Lagoon producing nearly no fish (only single digits of fish - one of which was caught by Nick Dobbin in his session and another by Ian Gibbs to win his session). In at least one group, no-one caught any fish.
Overall, NZ Silver team won the Oceania trophy and the Gold Medal. Australia Gold were runners up and the US, in their first competition, won the Bronze Medal. The last three teams were, in order, Australia Green, Canada and NZ Black. The Oceania Champs score is now Aus 2: NZ 4.  
NZ’s Nick Dobbin distinguished himself by winning the individual Gold medal with the US second and an Australian third.
Your President attended the CIPS Congress in Prague in May 2007 which was just as shambolic as usual. Costs have risen sharply with our membership of AGFIS although it was claimed there were commensurate benefits!!
The Board attempting to railroad various motions through. Their principle concern was to railroad through a massive fee increase. This was defeated from the floor after NZ asked delegates to consider whether or not they had a mandate from their national federation to vote in favour of a non-notified motion. Sufficient countries realised that they did not have such a mandate from their national organisation that the motion failed to pass. Mr Cotsilinis noted that the CIPS board must have accepted this decision as fees had not been raised this year. This of particular concern in NZ as most of our membership dues go on paying this fee. Following on from this the proposed budget for the next two years was also rejected.
Proposals to amend the statutes were tabled to lively discussion and many objections. Slovakia proposed that we only hold a Congress every four years and that in the intervening years the Board meet in their home base and approve the accounts etc. This apparently contravenes AGFIS rules which call for annual meetings. There being an impasse, no vote on the amendments was taken.
There being no volunteer country to host a 2010 World Fishing Games (Mondial) Claudio Matteoli proposed to defer the next one to 2012 with the general agreement of the Congress.
CIPS agreed to support an Austrian petition to the European Parliament concerning control of the (currently protected) cormorant (shags in NZ). This would allow each European country to set its own control policy so those with the greatest problem could permit culling while others did not.
A proposal to integrate the Underwater Fishing Federation into CIPS was not agreed, not least because they had not applied to CIPS to join!!
The meeting finished in usual disarray with no other discussions being permitted.
The President also reported that there is to be an attempt to set up regional organisations within CIPS (yet another layer of bureaucracy!) Ostensibly it is to encourage the participation in CIPS of many third world countries who cannot afford to attend European based meetings. In reality I suspect it so that the European nations can go about changing things for their area, without having to take into account the views of other (non-European) nations. NZ & Australia both announced that they would not support this and would not be interested in being lumped into an artificial region call “Asia”. The proposal was tabled for further comments.
The President then reported that a successful FIPS-Mouche meeting had been held at which new members were admitted from Bulgaria and Croatia and Mexico. The application from Hungary was not agreed pending resolution of objections from Mr Salenc re the standing of the Hungarian Angling Federation
A number of amendments to the Competition Rules passed without dissent. These include ones banning the use of bridges in competition beats during the competition, the use of fish/depth finders during competition and a re-definition of beat/inter-beat lengths to clarify this rule. Details will be posted on the FIPS-Mouche web site.
The next World Championship will be in 2009 in Scotland (which will also host a Commonwealth). It will be fished on Lochs Awe & Menteith and the Rivers Tay and Tummel. Both rivers have grayling and the Tay will allow fishing for Sea Trout.
In 2010, the championship will be held in Poland in June in the SE in the same area as the 1995 European champs were held.
Bids for 2011 and 2012 have been received from Belgium (to hold it in the Ardennes region) and Slovenia but a decision on these will be made at the next Congress in Dresden in 2009.
The 2009 Youth World Championship will be held in the Czech Republic.

Treasurers Report

The treasurer presented the accounts for the year ending 31 March, 2006. 
The accounts showed a deficit for the year of $ 952.25.
The Society currently has funds of a little over $14,807.14 in general funds. 
Proposed Mr Pirrit, seconded Mr Ian Gibbs: “That the accounts for 2007 be accepted as tabled.” Unanimously agreed.
There ensued a discussion of subscriptions. Mr Cotsilinis reported that the last raise in 2005 was the first for 15 years and that he did not see any need for any further rise at this point as the CIPS fees had not been raised.
Proposed by Strato Cotsilinis, and seconded by Dave Pirrit that subscriptions should stay the same for the next 12 months.
The societies accounts do not need to be audited but it is required that in this case, we have them reviewed by a properly qualified person. We have receive an offer from Mr Graham Evans to fulfil this function. Proposed Strato Cotsilinis, seconded by Dave Alexander that
“The society accepts the offer of Mr Graham Evans, a member of the Society of Actuaries (not the NZ Society of accountants as proposed) to review the societies accounts.”
Passed unanimously.
Mr Brown commented how delighted he was with standard of accounting. This message was received with unanimous acclaim 

Board Vacancies

This being an election year we had to hold elections. Mr Cotsilinis explained that the society was required to hold elections this year. He introduced the current board and explained that the constitution would allow us to add new board members.
Some of the current board plan to retire after the World Champs. The constitution allows the Board to replace a resigning member until a replacement can be voted in at a subsequent AGM. 
On this basis, Strato Cotsilinis proposed, and Dave Pirrit seconded, that the current board be relelected. Agreed unanimously.
The following people were also proposed from the floor and (having agreed to be nominated) were elected by unanimous consent, to the 2007 - 2010 Board.
Mr John Murphy, with responsibility for the World Championship Boating venues.
Mr Dan Regan, with responsibility for PR especially as it relates to the media
Mr John Eichelsheim as Newsletter Editor.
In addition it was proposed by Mr Dave Pirrit and seconded by Jim Hale that, subject to his agreement, Mr Yoshi Nakagawa be elected to the Board with special responsibility for IT matters. Agreed unanimously. 

General Business

Calendar for the upcoming year:
Regionals: There was a discussion about people winning through in a regional competition and then not actually participating in the National Championships.
Proposed Peter Scott, seconded Craig Farrar, that:
The Regional Organiser shall designate the next person to those who qualify as reserve for that regional competition. Should one of the qualified members decide not to participate in the Nationals, the reserve will be entitled to fish in their place.
Passed Unanimously
During a discussion on the regional competitions which start next weekend in Auckland, Mr Dan Comer proposed that some form of prizes be made available to encourage participation. There was a lively discussion with differing views being expressed from different regional organisers. Mr Neil Hertzel pointed out that this was already done in the Auckland regionals, while Rotorua was not convinced that this was a good idea. The President stated that SFFNZ was happy to permit either approach and urged members to get involved locally to set a local policy which was acceptable to them. 
NZ National Championships: Members are reminded that the 2007 National Champs will be held at the end of January 2008 and fished on the competition waters. These venues will be closed to all competitors (including those who guide) and other club members who are assisting in the organisation, immediately following this competition until the end of March.
Competitors who are also guides will be deemed to be fishing and disqualified if found on these venues with rods in hand i.e. if Fish & Game would deem them to be in need of a licence. They may guide as long as all fishing or use of rods is only by the client. 
Oceania Championships: The President had already addressed the 2007 Oceania in Tasmania in her report to the society. She noted that NZ will organise the next Oceania Championship in 2009. Any club wishing to host this event should contact her. 
World Championships 2008: The President reported that planning for this event was well underway and urged all members to consider what they would be willing to do to ensure this event was a success and showed NZ in very good light as a place to visit for fly fishing. The date is now confirmed with FIPS Mouche for the last week in March 2008 with a Commonwealth Championship following in Hawkes Bay in the first week in April.
The special web site for this competition is: www.2008worldflyfishingchamps.com
The Committee to organise the World Champs is as follows:
International Organiser: Ms Jill Mandeno
Sponsorship Manager: Mr Ian Gibbs
Venue Co-ordinators: Mr Peter Scott, Mr Steve Brown and Mr Yoshi Nakagawa
Controllers: Mr Dave Pirrit
Boats: Mr John Murphy
Organisation of Opening & Closing Ceremonies: Ms Hilary Prior
Guest Program: Ms Kay Stanbury
Resale Program: Ms Verna Langslow
Accommodation and Travel: Mr Jeff Fuller, Destinations Unlimited
Full contact details are on the web site. Any member who can assist in any of these functions is invited to contact the appropriate member of the committee and is asked to copy the International Organiser on their communication.
Stabicraft Boats: Mr John Murphy reported that the Stabicraft Boats had performed very well in the first day of the Pairs competition and were highly suitable for the purpose for which they are being obtained. He noted that they are available to any club member to purchase at an approximately 20% discount to retail. Delivery can be effected within the next month or so provided the purchaser agrees to return them for the world champs in an undamaged condition.
He noted that he is seeking a secure storage area for those not immediately sold in the Rotorua area and asked for help in finding such a space. The boats will have the Championship logo on the bow (both sides) with the Stabicraft/Yamaha logos across the stern. There is approx. 1.2 m of space on either side of the boat which can be used by a sponsor in return for a donation of $1100.
Four boats have already been sold to members and two more will be supplied to customers of Stabicraft dealers leaving some 14 boats still available to members. It was agreed that Mr Murphy and Ms Mandeno will arrange to post details of the boats and the sales terms on the society’s web site within the next couple of weeks.
Sponsorship for 4 boats has been obtained and sponsorship for 1-2 more is under discussion.
We are still seeking 5 sector sponsors (one for each lake and river). 
Sponsorship: All members were reminded that all proposals for sponsorship should be channeled through the appropriate member of the organising committee. Only designated Board members are authorised to negotiate and sign sponsorship agreements on behalf of the society.
During subsequent discussions Ms Mandeno clarified the situation vis-a-vis naming rights for 2008. These are the property of FIPS Mouche. They have agreed that we can sell these for $50,000, all of which will be used to keep the cost of the championships down. Should we not be successful in selling the naming rights, we can accept as the Major Competition sponsor any company (or person) who is willing to pay $30,000. Minor naming right such as to venues, on boats, etc. are also available and any member with knowledge of a potential boat/venue sponsor should contact Mr John Murphy or Mr Gibbs.
The President thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 10.00pm with a reminder to all attendees to put their watches forward one hour before retiring for the night. The next AGM will be held to coincide with the Pairs Championship in 2008.


Message found after these minutes were written: 
The following members are interested in looking into the possibility of starting a youth competition
Dan Comer
Strato Cotsilinis
Gary Lyttle
Steve Brown
Neil Hawes
Nothing to be done till after WFFC.