Minutes of the AGM of Sport Fly Fishing NZ Inc.
Held at The Park Travellers Lodge National Park on 1 November 2014.

The meeting opened at 8.15pm.
The following apologies were received.
Jill Mandeno
Graham Evans
Terry Wood
John Gummer
Nick Lyon
Moved Tim Rich seconded Steve Brown

Minutes of Previous AGM
The minutes of the previous meeting were tabled.
Moved Tim Rich seconded Paul Dewar
No matters arising

Presidents report.
The president presented his report on the past year. Moved Craig Farrar, seconded Doug Snell. (click to download)

Financial Report
The annual accounts were presented to the meeting.
Moved Peter Scott, seconded Cory Scott
No matters arising

Oceanias 2015
Ballarat. Steve Brown was confirmed as Captain of this team. We understand there will be 5 lake sessions and we will be invited to send two teams. Steve will try and get his teams together over the next few months.

Youth World Championships
We will speak to Aussies regarding a conjoint team with the Australian team. Only John Gummer is interested at present.

Worlds 2014
Neil Hirtzel spoke about the World Champs in Czech Republic. Highlighted the difficulty we have in travelling over to Europe and catching foreign fish in different conditions. We have a long way to go if we are to get in the top 3 or 4 teams.

Commonwealths 2014
Doug Snell spoke about the competition. The team narrowly missed out on a top three place with 2 blanks in the last session relegating the team to 6th. The next Commonwealths will be held in Quebec in 2016

World Champs 2016.
Not much information yet. The competition will be held at altitude so fitness will be critical as will having time to acclimatise to the climate and altitude.

Regional competitions
Mark Clasper raised the issue that locals should get preference in regional competitions. Belinda Thomas stated that this already happens

President Tony Houpt Moved Strato seconded Belinda Thomas
Vice President Paul Dewar moved Tony Houpt seconded Brendan Lyon
Treasurer Brendan Lyon Moved Steve Brown seconded Peter Scott
Secretary Steve Brown Moved Kyle Melnyk seconded Doug Snell
Committee Aaron Turk moved Paul Baker seconded Kyle Melnyk
Cory Scott moved Paul Dewar seconded Sam Bourne
Sam Bourne Moved Peter Scott seconded Cory Scott
Belinda Thomas Moved Tony Houpt seconded Steve Brown

General Business
Steve Brown raised accumulating a database on overseas competitions for future teams. Discussion took place on how we improve as a country in international competitions. Belinda expressed the view that pre comp organisation is important and there is plenty of info on line.
Des Armstrong mentioned that practising technique is more important than flies, equipment etc.
Tony Houpt commented that the committee is trying to arrange another top international competitor to come and run some clinics.

Meeting closed at 9.30pm.


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