2013 SFFNZ National Championships

1st Des Armstrong

2nd Sam Bourne

3rd Cory Scott

4th Craig Farrar

5th Belinda Thomas

Lots of familiar faces and a many seasoned campaigners gathered at the 2013 SFFNZ Nationals Championships this year. Alongside it was a pleasure to welcome John Gummer and Cory Scott to their first Nationals and Aaron Turk, who having qualified in 21st position stepped up to make up numbers and fished very well indeed.

We are also very lucky to have the continuing support and sponsorship from Rod and Reel who provided prizes for the medal winners. The Stolen Rum is always popular too, thank you Kyle.

The venues this year were also fantastic performers, and serve to remind us of the incredible and world class fisheries that we have. Lake Aniwhenua stood up to the pressure of 20 anglers and 10 boats, as well as a fishing safety boat, a few controllers fishing and a couple of water skiers. The rivers, as ever, where unpredictable to a degree, and served perfectly to challenge us and bring out the best in anglers while providing terrific sport. We have access to these beats made possible by several landowners and farmers and are very grateful.

A huge debt of gratitude goes to our wonderful controllers. We appreciate your time and support, especially in such heat. You are absolute troopers! Thank you too to everyone who played a role in organising the event. It is always a team effort and that it goes so well is thanks to you.


Nats results - all beats.jpg

Final results -group a and b.jpg