Minutes of the AGM held on 18th October 2015
at The Park Hotel 8.00pm

President Tony Houpt, Vice President Paul Dewar, board members, Cory Scott, Sam Bourne, Brendan Lyon and some 20 other members

Apologies were received from Doug Rankin, Terry Wood, Graham Evans, Peter Rubischon, and Craig Farrar.

Previous Minutes:
The previous minutes were read by the President and they were accepted by the meeting: Moved Johannes Krill, Seconded Neil Hirtzel.

Presidents Report:
The President Tony Houpt presented his report for the year,
It was noted items raised in the survey conducted by the committee of SFFNZ members had been acted on where possible.
Tony asked for comment on SFFNZ rules and how they had been applied in the last season, the general feeling of the meeting was that it was a good thing.
Timing of the briefing for events like the Pairs and should they be held on the Friday night was discussed and it was concluded for this event it should be as it was more than just a briefing but also had a strong social aspect.

Treasurers Report:
The treasurer’s report was presented by Brendan Lyon for the year ending 30 June, 2015. The accounts showed a surplus for the year of $12,153
Tony explained how the team funding works for the teams and noted we have significant funds committed for the upcoming international teams.

Proposed Mr Tim Rich seconded Neil Hirtzel
“That the accounts for 2015 be accepted as tabled.”
Passed unanimously.

Tony noted that Brendan Lyon has tendered his resignation as treasurer effective from this AGM and board has asked Peter Rubischon to take this position and he has accepted and is duly appointed.
Tony expressed a vote of thanks to Brendan for his work as treasurer.

Matters Arising
Sam Bourne gave a report on the membership plan for SFFNZ and the proposal for a new class of membership being a “supporters club”.
Sam put the remit “Membership Categories and Supporters club for SFFNZ” Seconded by Cory Scott. Discussion was held on it. Carried.

Common Wealth champs, 2016
Team Captain Neil Hirtzel gave report on the upcoming event.

World Championships, 2016
Team Captain Paul Dewar gave report on the upcoming event and the fundraising activities planned for the team.

NZ Regional Programme
Discussion was held on the current programme and the type and quantity of events. It was generally felt the mix was about right.

General Business;
Website, Paul Dewar gave an overview of the new website being constructed for SFFNZ, it is hoped to have this up and running by end of this year.

Tony raised on behalf of Craig Farrar a question about the rule that requires anglers to have competed in a Oceania champs before being eligible for a Commonwealths or having competed in Commonwealths before being eligible for a World Champs
Tony explained that the team selection policy is determined by the committee following feedback from the members. The current policy is in place for the 2016 Worlds in Colorado. Following that competition a review will take place to determine the selection policy for the following Worlds we attend. Currently the 3 automatic qualifiers must have competed in a Commonwealth or World competition, however the selection panel have the ability to select members who don’t meet that criteria if they believe the candidate is ready for that level of competition. The Commonwealths is a bit different as there is no selection panel. Again we will revisit this following the 2016 campaign.

Tony raised on behalf of Craig Farrar a question if the rate of funding allocated to the international teams was sustainable and if not which team would get priority.
Tony explained that is budgeted on a four year cycle when setting our grant level. If we don’t achieve the desired level of participation in Regional’s and sponsorship we may have to adjust this contribution however we are confident we can meet these targets for the existing teams.

Tony raised on behalf of Craig Farrar the question “Could qualification for teams be based on the makeup of the event to be fished”. I.E. Each worlds or commonwealth champs are normally 3 rivers and 2 lakes, sometimes 4 rivers and only 1 lake or even 4 lakes and only 1 river. Should our qualifying criteria reflect this? With a separate lake and river nationals this can easily be done. If the future event is going to have 3 rivers and 2 lakes, qualification could easily reflect 60% of points from river results and 40% from lakes

It was explained that the selection panel would select their remaining three team members with an eye on the venues to be fished. It was also pointed out as we select two years ahead of the event we are not always aware of the makeup of the competition venues to be fished. Comments from the meeting appeared supportive of our current approach

Paul Baker raised the question of sponsorship and long term possibilities and discussion was held on this matter with no new ideas bought forward.
He also expressed concern about protecting the SFFNZ database, i.e. we should never send out an email with all the email addresses shown.

The meeting closed at 8.55pm and the next one will be held to coincide with the Pairs Championship in 2016.

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