Jill Mandeno (Patron), Strato Cotsilinis (President), Paul Dewar (Vice President), board members and approximately 30 other SFFNZ members


Aaron West, Peter Scott, Yoshi (moved John Dibley)


Strato presented Worlds (team), Nationals (top 3) and Regionals (winners) certificates. President Trophy went to Des Armstrong.


The previous minutes were presented to the meeting by Strato and accepted without any matters. (Moved by Jil, Tim Rich Seconded)


Strato presented his report on 2012 (attached).

Busy year for the society with 3 overseas comps. Summarised the regionals structure and points systems.
Nationals winners. Oceania Snowy Mountains, Neil as Captain of the two NZ teams. Commonwealths in Tasmania, very well organised, 13 countries. Tim, Nigel and Kyle did really well in Tasmania. Slovenia, 18th Craig Farrar best Kiwi, Paul Dewar as Captain. 
Our sponsors for the year were Mitsubishi trucks in Oceania, DB for Tasmania. Rod and Reel, The Park. Tony’s assistance during Nationals and other activities noted.  
Norway team wasn’t able to be secured, so a team won’t be sent, this isn’t part of the two year cycle anyway. Belgium is venue in 2014 for the Worlds. 
March 2013 Oceanias to be hosted here. Aussie, Canada, and NZ Invitational. John Dibley confirmed as Oceania Captain. 
Paul Dewar steps down from Committee. Paul is granted Honorary Lifetime Membership for all his contributions. Strato presented Paul with Maori fishhook necklace. 
Rob Vaz mentioned that the clinics last year was a good fund raising mechanism.                                             


The Treasurer, Brendon Lyon, presented the 30 June 2012 Financial statements (attached). No issues were raised for follow up, and were accepted. Graham Evans was thanked from Brendan for auditing the accounts. (Jill, Tim).


  • Strato re-elected to President.
  • Secretary – Kyle Melnyk (John B)
  • Treasurer – Brendan Lyon
  • Committee – Aaron West, Yoshi, John Dibley, Craig Farrar (new), Belinda Thomas (new)
  • Graham stayed on as Auditor


Team Funding – Tony Houpt presented his proposal. Individuals/groups opening their own accounts, to run clinics etc. and run their own fund raising towards their competition. Therefore those who put in the effort, get the funds, and those who don’t participate in fund raising. Jill mentioned the earlier idea of hers to set up a trust fund, approaching affluent New Zealanders to donate towards building up the trust fund for future dividends towards the society. Roughly $1 million would fund $30K, or a world team every two years. Tony’s proposal was well received and will be developed.  

Regionals – one or two day was brought up again and debated. Many angles to understand the pros and cons of two versus one day. Approx. 20 to 30 in favour of some one-day comps. Committee will take these results on board. 

Funding – The issue was raised if Oceania Team (hosted in NZ) should receive funding. It was decided they shouldn't.

International Matters – Jill discussed international matters. FIPS Mouche congress held in Rome this year. FIPS Mouche failed to raise their fees. Rule mods mainly concerned ‘leaders’. Latest version, in future only barb-less (manufactured, or filed to be barb-less) are to be used. Special flies to act like lead. Size of flies was proposed to counter this. Belgium May 2014, up in the mountains, wooded streams, plenty of small fish. Commonwealth 2014 will be held immediately after Worlds in to be held in Devon, England (river Dart, two reservoirs).  

General Business – Craig Farrar raised the idea of setting up an Elite Squad to raise the skills of those members, but also new/younger members. Kyle raised that another way was for World Teams sharing with Oceania/Commonwealth Teams.  

Meeting Closed.

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