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Final results:

USA 1st

Polans 2nd

Czech 3rd

Hunter Hoffler, USA first

Mason Sims, Second

Emilio from Spain, 3rd

John Gummer 31st

Geoffrey Berntsen 43rd

The boys fished well and learned heaps.  Most of these other guys are on their second or third Youth Worlds so have lots of experience at this level.

John got 2nd on final session.  Nice story....on final session Hunter Hoffler was on 10 fish and someone said the New Zealander (John) was on 12 fish.  Hunter said "Wouldn't it be great if New Zealand won this session." .... nice sportsmanship, I thought.  His family invited us up to stay but we have to get back.

Chatted with the Spanish lads and they gave us year in Spain the comp will be mainly dries, they said.

John's chatted to Canadians a lot...Alex lives in Quebec so knows Commonwealth venues, etc.

All exhausted now and packing to head off to airport in a couple of hours."

Paul Gummer (Captain/ Manager)

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