Regional and National Champs Calendar 2017/18

Hi All anglers 

We have been tasked with creating and managing the competition calendar for 2017/2018. The Sport Fly Fishing NZ (SFFNZ) committee looked at the calendars from past years to inspire and reinvigorate us to compete on a more regular bases. In this review we have taken from some of the successes of last season and reintroduced other more established competitions venues. 
We have a spread of 6 lakes and 7 river venues over several months through 2017/18 which lead up to Nationals in March and April 2018. Over the last couple of years SFFNZ has worked with Fish and Game by structuring the competition calendar so that the venues are at their optimum.
Last season was a particularly hard year due to the weather. Therefore the dates are indicative of the timing to ensure the best possible outcome. Please contact the competition organiser prior to booking any flights, and travel safe. 
The committee has also established an initiative to encourage more members to participate in organising regional championships by providing the organiser with petrol vouchers when marking out the beats. In addition to this, if the competition organiser has more than 10 anglers competing (excluding himself/herself ), then the organiser will have their entry fee waved for that regional champ. We hope that this will be well received as a gesture of good will towards the time,energy and hard work organisers put into the champs. 
We will continue the electronic entry form which worked very well last year. With the addition of a scan/ pic of anglers licences being required also as part of the entry.
There are three x 1 day competitions this year, and x 2 day champs. We have also retained the 'competitors controlling competitors' structure for the Hamilton and Tauranga competitions. We will fish the minimum 6 hours that are required to complete in a competition.
The most notable change this year is reverting back to a separate lake and river nationals. The qualifying criteria for each of these national champ events is based on the 2x best scores from the regional lake champs (to qualify for the lake nationals), and then 2 x best scores from the river regional champs (to qualify for the river nationals). This is to also ensure that we have a more consistent participation throughout the season.
We hope that this year will be a success for all the competitors and SFFNZ. 
Good luck and fish well.
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