Points System and Team Qualification Criteria

SFFNZ Regional and National Championships Points System

  • Every regional championship will be run as event in itself with all SFFNZ members eligible to enter.
  • Minimum of five competitors required to be a Regional Championship.
  • All finishers will get points awarded on their placing as per the matrix below.
  • Organisers can decide on the maximum number of entries they will accept (due beat availability etc), people who reside in the region the event is being run by (i.e. Waikato) will get first preference to enter up to a certain date then it will be on a first in and paid basis.
  • Competitors can enter as many regionals as they wish but only their best two placing scores from the lake comps counting towards qualification for the Lake nationals and the best two results from the river comps counting towards qualification for the River nationals.
  • The top 20 anglers (and ties) from the lake regional’s will qualify to compete in the Lake nationals and the top 20 anglers (and ties) from the river regional’s will qualify to compete in the River nationals.
  • In the event that one of the top 20 qualifiers cannot fish the nationals their place will be left vacant
  • A separate trophy will be presented to the Lake Champion and River Champions, the combined results from both events will determine the National Champion (with the standard fish points system being a tie decider if needed).

Qualification Criteria for SFFNZ International Teams (2015)

  • The New Zealand team will be selected by adding points from the Lake and River NZ champs together with both the best two ,Lake and River Regional placing points in the year of selection for the International competition.
  • The Lake and River NZ champs each accrue 2 times the regional points.
  • The World team will consist of 6 anglers plus a captain.
  • The first three anglers selected will be the top three accumulated points from the Regional’s and combined Nationals.
  • For these three to be eligible for selection they must have fished either a previous World or Commonwealth Championship.
  • The next three anglers will be selected by the selection panel made up of;
    The team captain, a board member and an independent member nominated by the board.
    They will take into consideration experience and ability in determining the best mix for the team and may choose anglers that have not met the above criteria.
  • The Commonwealth team will be selected from the next 5 highest placed anglers not already selected for the World team, provided they have previously fished either a Oceania, Commonwealth or World competition.
  • In the years where we attend the Oceania champs the 5 anglers with the highest accumulated points will be selected for the team(if the board elects to send two teams this will be the top ten).
  • To be eligible for a place in a NZ International team, competitors at the time of the NZ championship where they earn the points must be:
         For World or Commonwealth Championships, a New Zealand citizen
         For Oceania Championships, a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

Regional Points System Matrix

pdf-icon.pngRegional Points System

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