Rotorua 2018/19

Mar 09th - All Day
Mar 10th - All Day

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DATE: 9-10 March 2019
COMPETITION FORMAT: 2 Day boat comp. 3 x 3 hour sessions
Important times and dates

23 February Lake Aniwhenua closes
1 March Entries close

9 March. Meet at boat ramp 7.30am
Session 1 9.00am-12.00 pm
Session 2pm-5pm

10 March
Session 3, 9,30am-12.30pm

Bio Security:
Please clean all you equipment that has come in contact with water before moving to a different venue. The responsibility is with each angler. Please look after our venues.
Boat Partner
You will need to arrange for a boat partner for the event.
Every competitor must wear a life jacket at all times on the water.
Each competitor must carry a mobile phone (waterproof or in a water proof bag)
Each boat must have at least care one flare.
Contact details are to be advised.
Each boat owner/operator has to ensure that his craft suitable to the conditions encountered and the equipment is appropriately maintained and is reliable.
SFFNZ competition rules 2015 apply to this competition (apart from max 180cm net) in addition to the following regulations. Markers on both lakes defining the areas we will be fishing in each session. You cannot fish outside of these markers.
Each counting fish must be measured in the net and checked by your controller. The controller will then initial the fish size before you can continue fishing. Fish measurements are rounded up to nearest cm. It may not be possible to give other boats a 50m clearance on Lake Aniwhenua so this will be reduced to 30 meters on this lake only.
If the motor on the boat is running and a fish is hooked, the fish will not be allowed. Boat drivers should warn the other angler before starting the motor and give them sufficient time to retrieve their line. You will require a stopwatch to time each session, this may be found on your cell phone, which each angler is required to have on them at all times.
You may not stand to play a fish, only to net it.Only one rod can be assembled per angler at any one time.

Please fill out the form online. Any problems with this please email John At
Organiser John Bell 021737475