National River Champs 2015/16

Apr 01st - All Day

Venue: Wanganui River
Organizer: Cory Scott
Phone Num: 022 1716643
Important Info: 3 Day Comp, Info TBC

SFFNZ National River Championships 2016
April 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Congratulations on qualifying for the SFFNZ 2016 National Rivers Championship, we have had several new issues which we have been working through with Fish And Game, which have now being resolved, so apologies for the delay in announcing venue.

Here are a few things you will need to know:

DATES: 1-3 April 2016. Backup dates in case of postponement 8-10 April.

VENUE: Whanganui River, Taumaranui - Competition water will be between the Ongarue confluence and the Whakapapa confluence.

CLOSED WATERS: The competition zone will be closed from the 14th of March 2016, I would like to encourage members not to over-fish this section in practice and when practising to move around. Also I would also like to encourage non-competing active SFFNZ members to not fish this section intensively up until the competition, we would like as fair a competition as possible. However it is public water, please use your better judgement. Once beats are set we may open up a section of water for practice leading up to the competition, this will only happen once we are certain we have set as consistent/ fair beats as possible.

FORMAT: We will be running 1 session Friday afternoon the 1st April, Briefing 12PM (noon) 2 sessions Saturday, 1 session Sunday, followed by a afternoon dinner and prize giving in Taumaranui at Mahoe Motel. We will be competing as one group.

ACCOMMODATION: Remembering that THE PARK are great supporters of ours and only 20 minutes away staying at The Park is our preferred choice. There may be changes to event and other information that may be needed to be conveyed. If you plan on staying elsewhere, you need to make sure you are contactable and provide your contact details and accommodation whereabouts to the organiser before the 25th March. You will need to look after your controllers accommodation also.

CONTROLLERS: Anglers will need to supply their own controllers. Please make sure these are fit and able. Any angler that enters with a controller that is not suitable for the task may be disqualified, as this hinders other anglers performance.

COST: TBC (we aim to have this sorted in the next few days.)

CONFIRMATION: To help provide an indication of costs, beat numbers, etc.. could you please confirm if you do not intend to participate ASAP.

Any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cory Scott


Please download PDF for competition entry details.

Additional Details:


We have confirmed 15 anglers to fish this years National Rivers Champs and the Whanganui is looking amazing. .

 I'll cover a few things please read in detail. also attached is an anglers etiquette and protest notice as well as screen shots of beats.

Session Times:
All anglers and controllers will be required to be present for briefing on Friday the 1st April at 12 Noon sharp at the Picnic area beside the main highway bridge and Taumaranui Camp ground. If we can park away from the river and avoid foot traffic near the river as this is a competition beat.

Friday 1st April:
Session1: 2PM - 5PM

Saturday 2nd April:
Session2: 9AM- 12PM
Session 3: 2PM- 5PM

Sunday 3rd April
Session4: 9AM -12PM

Prize giving and dinner: 2PM Mahoe Motel Cnr Mahoe Rd and SH4. Feel Free to make your way to Motel as soon as session 4 finished.

Having taken a few calls already with concerns, the Whanganui received a much needed flush over Easter and has returned to a perfect level. We would have to re-evaluate if the river begins to flow faster than 22 cumecs. Currently it is at 14.2 and right up until Friday is clear weather with no rainfall. Saturday is forecast for rain as well as Sunday with most maps showing only light rain and coming from the North which shouldn't affect the Whanganui catchment to much. Worst case scenario is the river begins to rise Saturday, I am confident we can complete 3 sessions which will give us a result. 
For those keen on keeping an eye on level here is the link 
Whang River level >


Please remember to clean your gear if fishing any different catchments and rivers prior to the Whanganui. We will have a dip bin present if you need any gear cleaned.


We are still attempting to get clarification from F&G on the appropriate measures we need to take to fall within the legal requirements, at present rods must be broken in half or a section removed. I have asked if rods can be complete with no line through guides as well, to avoid damaging rods during transport. I will have an answer for you prior to competition.
As some of the Whanganui beats are heavily used by locals and there is a chance of theft, we are looking at the prospect of controllers carrying your gear. However this would have to be 100% at the anglers risk and the controller would not be responsible for any damage that could occur. If any controllers and anglers do not feel comfortable doing so then we will scrap that idea and transporting and making sure your gear is safe will be anglers responsibility.


While much of the Whanganui is publicly accessible we are lucky to have a few farmers grant access, please respect their farms and do not climb the top wires of fences.


Unfortunately our left over beat markers have been increasingly noticed by Fish & Game, this could affect future permits, therefore please remember it is your responsibility to remove beats markers at the end of final session, please communicate with beats above and below you to make sure all are picked up, as well as any access markers. You must hand in your beat markers with your final session score card. NO BEAT MARKERS NO SCORE!!!!

Most beats will be marked on only one side of the river and the corresponding mark on other bank via line of sight is to be 90º to the geography of the river.

Cory Scott organiser