Competition Rules

New Rules 2019/2020 session

SFFNZ board has developed a set of rules around the FIPS rules to reflect how our competitions are run in NZ. These rules will take precedence over any other rules and will be in use for the 2019-20 seasons. Please read and understand them. (Click link below to download them)

Note: Any specific rule changes outside those noted below in the FIPs rules will be issued as part of the local events. Local NZ fishing rules and regulations apply. 

For all international competitions the FIPS rules will apply

pdf-icon.png2019 Updated rules changes - highlighted

Responsibilities of a Competitor


download.pngDisputes Procedure 2015

Team selection Points

The board has decided to change the ratio of points allocated for international team selection, it has been decided to make the national Lake and River championships competition points worth 2 times the regional points 

This change will be effective for the 2015 -16 season and on.

Regional & National Championships Points System (& Team Selection)

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