National Champs 2016/17

Apr 28th - All Day
Apr 29th - All Day
Apr 30th - All Day

Phone Num:
Important Info:

Dates: 10-12 March 2017

Venues: Waihou River, Waimakariri Stream and Lake Aniwhenua

Venues Closed:

Waihou closed from Friday the 3rd February 2017, below Whites road bridge including below the confluence closed

Waimakiriri closed from Friday the 3rd February 2017, in tota

Lake Aniwhenua 16th February 2017 6pm, in total

Alternate Venues & in addition: Both Rotoaira and Kuratau are open for practice on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of April , they are then closed from 5pm on Sunday the 16th of April.

Other information:

Further details will be sent later to all those who qualify for Nationals.

There will be two sessions on the Lake on Friday 28th.

There will be three sessions on two rivers Waihou(10 beats) and Waimakariri.(10 beats) 

Christopher Young SFFNZ,

021 240 9600