"THE BARBLESS HOOK" - 13 September 2012

What a wet winter it’s been! However, the days are now getting longer and the weather a little warmer so the time has come to start thinking about the season ahead. This is a good time to get your new licenses, check out your gear and start tying those new and not so new patterns for the upcoming competitions.

SFFNZ National Pairs Competition
Entries have now closed for the Manic Tackle Project SFFNZ National Pairs Competition to be held on the 27 and 28 October 2012 at Lake Rotoaira. This event is once again sponsored by Manic Tackle Project and The Park Travellers’ Lodge.  Please support our sponsors.
Hopefully the weather plays ball and volcanoes keep calm.
Anyone with contacts for prizes or sponsors for any of the teams or regional competitions should contact one of the committee.

Please note that the AGM will be held on the Saturday night and this is a great opportunity for you to have your say in the future of the sport.

Oceania Team
The 2013 Oceania team has now been named and over the coming weeks the organisation of this competition will commence. We will be looking for people to help organise the competition as well as controllers. The competition is likely to be based in the Rotorua region however this is yet to be confirmed.

The team is :

  • John Bell
  • Tony Houpt
  • Sam Bourne
  • Kiyoshi Nakagawa
  • Tim McClew
  • Belinda Thomas
  • Steve Brown
  • Paul Baker
  • Kyle Melnyk
  • Mark Clasper
  • John Dibley (Captain)

For those that won regional competitions or represented New Zealand at either the World’s, Oceania’s or Commonwealth Championships, certificates will be presented prior to the AGM. Those that are not attending will have to arrange for someone to pick their certificates up for them.

Rule Changes
For this coming season we will be adopting the FIPS rule  re barbless hooks; 28.7. All flies must be dressed on hooks which are barbless..
This means you must use manufactured barbless or hooks with the barb totally removed (filed off). Barbs squashed down will not be allowed.

There has been some confusion regarding having multiple rods assembled at the same time. The various Fish and Game councils all seem to have different interpretations of the rule. In fact, even within each region there is some confusion. To avoid any potential problems the board has decided that we will continue with our current rule  “Only one fly rod can be assembled at one time”, this means if you carry spare rods the reel can not be attached nor the fly line threaded through the rings.

This year we will be electing a new board. Anyone wishing to find out about what is involved in being on the board can contact one of the existing board members. Nominations will be sought in due course.
For those that have items they would like raised at the AGM and cannot attend they should contact Strato Cotsilinis at g.h.co@xtra.co.nz.

2012 World Champs
As you all know the world champs is over and the best teams won again, if you haven’t seen them there are reports and results on the SFFNZ site (click here to view).

We didn’t do as well as we had hoped or in my view could have done, this was down to some bad draws (which you could say is bad luck but every team gets a few and the same teams always seem to finish at the front). The rivers were very varied depending on where your beat was i.e. on one sector a top competitor got 5 fish on one beat and another got 70 plus, a very big difference in any ones terms.
Another factor was the decisions made at times about tactics and where to fish etc, this is down to competition experience at this level and the ability to change what you are doing if its not working when under pressure.

We have had some discussion on what we need to do differently in the way we select the team, prepare for the event and fund the costs, if any of you have thoughts on how we can improve these things you input will be welcomed; feel free to send it to any of the board.

Paul Dewar
Team Captain



Competition Calendar
We have 10 Regional’s planned this year starting in September. All competitions will consist of 3x3 hour sessions held over a 1 ½ days, finishing mid day on the Sunday. This will enable competitors to get home safely and provide some consistency amongst the competitions.

Key dates are:

13/14 October     

Auckland Regional

Ohinemuri River

contact yoshi@rodandreel.co.nz

27/28 October

Manic Tackle Project Pairs

Lake Rotoaira  

contact Tony.Houpt@xtra.co.nz


Waikato Regional

Waihou River 

contact clasper@ihug.co.nz

24/25 November

Wellington Regional

Ruamahanga  River

contact paulbaker@paradise.net.nz

8/9 December

Taupo Regional

Lake Kuratau

contact craig@dreamtrout.com

15/16 December

North Shore Regional


contact clasper@ihug.co.nz

12/13 January 2013

Manawatu Regional

Manawatu River

contact steve@alterationspecialists.co.nz

19/20 January 2013

Tauranga Regional


contact clasper@ihug.co.nz

26/27 January 2013

Hawkes Bay Regional

Tukituki River

contact strutherslcvm@xtra.co.nz

2/3 February 2013

Rotorua Regional

Lake Aniwhenua

contact johnb@compassnznzl.co.nz

22-24 February 2013

National Championships



19-24 March 2013

Oceania Championships



For full details of the season’s calendar can be found on the SFFNZ site here

See you all at the Pairs.
Tony Houpt

20 2015